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Signs Your Main Sewer Lines Are Clogged

Issues with sewer lines are never nice for anyone. They can be dirty and can waste a lot of time. If you suspect that you have a main sewer line clog, however, help is accessible to you. You can get that help by recruiting the guidance of adept and seasoned professional plumbers. The first step of taking care of a main sewer line clog is being able to recognize one. It can help greatly to be aware of typical clues:

  • Numerous Plumbing Fixture Clogs: If you're dealing with simultaneous plumbing fixture clogs, then odds are high that something is wrong with your main sewer line. Solo clogs tend to be pretty commonplace. Numerous ones at the same time, though, are a whole other ballgame. Pay attention to water that drains in an oddly sluggish manner. If your tub and toilet aren't draining the way they did in the past, then you need to take swift action.
  • Horrible Sewage Odors: Are your drains at home giving off terrible sewage odors? If they are, that may signify a frustrating backup. Sewage odors aren't exactly welcoming. That's why it's next to impossible to avoid detecting them.
  • The Presence of Floor Drain Sewage: Main sewer line clogs bring on the trapping of wastewater and sewage within pipes. That's why sewage with time has no choice but to access different drains. If you notice sewage rising from the drains on your floors, then you most likely have a main line clog. If you notice icky smells rising from these drains, the same exact thing goes.
  • Shower Water Backups: If you flush your toilet and realize that it brings on shower water backup action, then a main sewer line clog could be the big, bad culprit. Employing water fixtures can sometimes bring on H20 backups in unexpected locations all throughout the home. This typically denotes the presence of a main sewer line obstruction. Washer use can sometimes bring on flowing issues. If you're doing laundry and realize out of nowhere that a significant amount of water is emerging from your sink, then you need to do something about it right away. If you attempt to flush, you may pick up on shower or tub water backups.

Five-Star Assistance With Main Sewer Line Clogs

It can be a hassle to deal with sewer line woes. Sewer line woes can trigger all kinds of stress factors in the home. They can make toilet use more difficult than it should be. They can make doing laundry and simply washing your hands thoroughly before preparing lunch or dinner a lot harder as well. If you have any concerns that relate to potential main sewer line clogging, then you need to call tried and tested professional plumbers for assistance as soon as possible. Efficient attention can in many cases stop sewer line troubles from intensifying and becoming substantially tougher to manage well.

How Do I Keep My Main Sewer Line From Clogging?

Preventing a clog from forming in the first place always better than clearing one out after it's causing problems. Some of the best ways to prevent a clog include:

  • Use drain cleaner every month. Preemptively using your drain cleaner of choice is a good way to prevent small blockages from gaining hold and collecting excess debris.
  • Only flush drain-safe materials. Toilet paper is the only non-waste product that should go down the drain. Anything else, including tampons, paper towels, napkins, etc can get stuck and cause a clog.
  • Don't plant anything new near your sewer line. It doesn't matter how pretty a new rhododendron would look in that spot, anything with roots needs to be kept away from your sewer line.
  • Schedule annual maintenance for your pipes. Calling in a professional for an annual maintenance service to make sure your plumbing is running well is the best way to catch a problem before it has the chance to become an expensive catastrophe.

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