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Tankless Water Heaters VS Hot Water Storage Heaters

Have you noticed that your hot water flow is getting shorter and shorter every time you use the shower? It is time to ask how much it costs to purchase and install a new hot water heater tank storage unit. Before you call Before & After Plumbing and Drain or run out to a retailer to purchase a new tank there is another question you need to ask. How much will it cost to purchase and install a new tankless water heater?

Price depends on the size and life expectancy of a new tank hot water storage system. A 50-gallon tank with an 8-12 year life is averaging around $2,000 installed by a professional plumber. Shopping around for non-branded equipment may save a few dollars up front but cost you in performance and reliability. Installing it yourself may also save a few dollars but you are passing on professional installation by a licensed contractor with plenty of experience and education who is familiar with local regulations and codes.

A tankless system varies in price based on expected operating capacity, whether the tankless system is gas or electric powered, the condition of existing gas and electric lines and ease of installation by a professional plumber. For the sake of argument, we're going to say the price is the same as a heated storage tank of equal capacity at $2,000 fully installed. If major structural changes or remodeling are required the price will obviously be more.

So, what makes the two tanks different? The traditional heated water storage tank requires the water to fully heat before use. At an average of 2 gallons per minute and 8-minute average showers, the tank heater will maybe be able to provide 3 hot showers over a half hour period. This assumes no sink or laundry hot water usage during that period. The tank will continually refill and try to maintain temperature. If you're lucky a family of 5 may be able to shower in an hour, but the last three will probably not experience the water temperature they prefer. 

The tankless system in our example is based on capacity to heat 5 gallons per minute. We have chosen a system equivalent to the tank heater. Water is heated on demand at the pre-selected temperature. 5 people using an average of 2 gallons per minute with 8 minutes per shower should all enjoy properly heated water. As soon as they're done there is no reason not to wash a load of laundry. The water is heated on demand.

Studies show that tankless heaters do save a small number of heating costs since water is heated on demand and not heated to be stored in a tank that requires constant energy availability to maintain temperature. Life expectancy of the tank is 12 years with maintenance and the tankless model can last up to 20 years with maintenance. Tankless water heaters are sleek and take up far less space if you were going to upgrade today, a tankless water heater is a nice way to go. If you are going to do it right contact a reputable professional plumber like Before & After Plumbing and Drain. Contact us today and have an accredidated and highly rated plumber pay you a visit.