Simple Spring Tips to Level Up Your Home

vase of flowers and fruit next to sink

Simple Ways to Take Your Home to the Next Level this Spring

Birds are tweeting, the sun is shining, and the cleaning bug has hit every homeowner! It’s officially spring and the perfect time for a home refresh.

Many assume that a quick dusting and vase full of fresh flowers will prepare a home for spring, but it doesn’t stop there. If you’re ready to give your home the makeover it deserves, we have the perfect suggestions.

If you want to truly elevate your home, start with the basics. Ensuring your kitchen is sparkling and smelling fresh, water is soft and easy on appliances, and drains are free of clogs are three major keys to level up your home this season.

Make That Kitchen Shine

Every spring cleaning process should start with your kitchen. Disinfecting countertops, cleaning out the fridge, and dusting hard-to-reach places are always essential tasks to add to your to-do list. But what if your kitchen has a lingering smell coming from your sink?

Even if a kitchen is sparkling clean, a smelly sink could overpower the entire area. Luckily, there are some great at-home hacks such as baking soda and vinegar that can help with your sink’s smell. If your sink is extremely smelly or continues to smell, it may be time to call in the professionals at Before & After Plumbing and Drain to put a stop to sink stink in your kitchen.

Say Goodbye to Hard Water

Hard water can cause problems with your hair, skin, pipes, and appliances. Having a water softener system installed in your home can prevent the dreaded scale buildup often found on household appliances such as pots, pans, coffee makers, and more. To break it down, less scale buildup means less spring cleaning for you to worry about!

If you opted for a fresh haircut this season, it could be affected by hard water. Implementing a water softener system rids your water of harsh minerals and chlorine, keeping your hair soft and shiny. Soft water is definitely this season’s top hair care hack for luscious locks.

Not only can water softeners prevent scale buildup on appliances and dull coating on your hair, but they’re also easy on your pipes. Over time, hard water mineral buildup can cause inefficiency and issues with your pipes. By installing a water softener system, you can rest assured that the water flowing through your pipes won’t be responsible for plumbing headaches in the future.

Keep Drains Clog-Free

Every homeowner wants their plumbing to keep running efficiently, but drains are often neglected. They can easily become clogged with food, hair, and dirt, heavily impacting the rest of your plumbing system.

Store-bought drain cleaners can eat away at your pipes by corroding them and making them more leak-prone. What’s a homeowner to do? Luckily, Before & After Plumbing and Drain offers premium drain cleaning services that can restore your drain’s effectiveness.

Typically, it’s easy to tell when it’s time for a drain cleaning, but some warning signs require a quick inspection of your affected drain. Many homeowners in need of a drain cleaning experience:

  • Strange bubbling noises coming from the pipes
  • Strong odors emitting from the drain
  • Standing water
  • Fruit flies
  • Slow drainage

If you’re experiencing any of the telltale signs pointing to a drain cleaning, we’re the team to call. You may be tempted to take care of the drain blockage yourself, but allowing our professionals to assess the situation and provide the best solution for your home can stop drain issues in their tracks.

Before & After Plumbing and Drain is a premier plumbing service provider in the Arizona area and can provide top-of-the-line customer service and professionalism. Spring forward with clean drains, soft water, and fresh sinks this season! Call us at (623) 335-0000 for all your plumbing and drain needs!