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At Before & After Plumbing and Drain, LLC, we offer quality Phoenix plumbing services at reasonable prices. If you think your home is experiencing a water leak, turn to Before & After for fast, affordable, and high-quality leak detection and repair service. 

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Why You Can't Ignore a Slab Leak

Indications of a slab leak include the sound of running water even though all water is off, cracks in the walls or flooring, low water pressure, visible leaking from the foundation, mildew or excessive moisture under carpets, or a sudden spike in your utility bills.

At Before & After Plumbing and Drain, LLC, our highly trained Phoenix slab leak repair technicians will use non-invasive leak detection equipment to locate the leak and avoid unnecessary damage to your property. Once we pinpoint the leak, we explain your options, which may include:

  • Spot Repair: Repair the leaking pipe directly below the spot of the leak.
  • Re-Routing & Repiping: Sometimes it is necessary to replace an entire line that is leaking. This is suitable for older plumbing systems with a history of leaking.
  • Epoxy Restoration: Usually prescribed for systems with several small leaks, in-place pipe coating is applied inside the plumbing. This process is usually less expensive and invasive than repiping.

Our goal is to locate the leak as non-destructively as possible, and we accomplish this by using modern tools such as amplification equipment and electromagnetic pipeline locators. In many cases, only a single floor tile needs to be removed and replaced.

State-of-the-Art Water Leak Detection Methods & Equipment

Water leaks can be a costly and damaging problem if left undetected. Fortunately, advancements in technology have led to state-of-the-art methods and equipment for detecting water leaks quickly and accurately. Here are just some of the top techniques used in modern water leak detection in Phoenix:

  • Acoustic Leak Detection: This method utilizes sensitive acoustic sensors to listen for the sound of water escaping from pipes. By amplifying the sound, professionals can pinpoint the exact location of the leak. Advanced acoustic leak detection equipment can differentiate between the sounds of water leaks and background noise, improving accuracy.
  • Infrared Thermography: Infrared cameras can detect temperature differences caused by leaking water. When water escapes from pipes, it typically cools the surrounding area. Infrared cameras can identify these temperature anomalies, allowing technicians to locate hidden leaks behind walls, under floors, or in ceilings without invasive procedures.
  • Ground Microphones: Ground microphones are highly sensitive devices that are placed on the ground to listen for the sound of water flowing through pipes or escaping from leaks underground. This method is particularly useful for locating leaks in buried pipes or in areas where other detection methods may be challenging.

These state-of-the-art methods and equipment enhance the accuracy and efficiency of water leak detection, enabling prompt identification and timely repairs. If you suspect a water leak in your home or business, contacting a professional plumbing service like Before & After Plumbing and Drain that utilizes these advanced techniques can help mitigate damage, save water, and reduce costly repairs.

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